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There are different ways of covering ourselves from the sun, rain, and wind. Most people will wear the sunglasses to save their eyes from direct sunlight and some of us will wear hats to safeguard our heads. The big question that must be asked is why we expect less when it comes to our houses. Even our homes require protection from different weather conditions. Outside surface will always get damaged from the exposure to direct sunlight, rain or wind. To protect your home from these dangers especially if you are in a country that experiences the sun throughout the year like Vietnam, you must invest in an awning to act as a protection against the climate.

An awning added to a home is considered a very important investment as it will save you a lot of money in the long run when it comes to maintaining your interior. The awning can be installed over many open parts of your home. These are windows, doors, decks or patios and will be able to give the home or business a very nice appearance. Awning plays a major role in the protection of your outside furniture and floor from fading at the same time improving the space outside.

There are different awning types. 

Some of the common types of awning found in Singapore are: Stationary type This is installed permanently on the exterior of your home. They are very steady and can stand strong winds and rain. These can also be customized according to your expectations and requirements to bring out your home style and fashion. To make sure that they are stable, it is advisable to hire an expert who will guarantee this.

Portable type 

This type of awning is built to enable transport. They are very convenient when a person is moving from one place to another. They are meant to be free standing and moved from one place to another where they are needed. They can also be moved depending on the direction of the sun.


A very popular model for most homeowners. They can easily be rolled and folded when not in use. They are loved due to the flexibility they offer and their ability to last long.


This type of awning is electrically powered to move it in place. Some come with sensors that are able to detect when to retract or open when there is a need. They are normally installed by electricians because of their nature of the operation. It is also important to choose a motorized awning that has an override which can be used if the motor stops working.

Window covers

If your house is having direct sunlight coming into the house through the window, you can have specially designed covers to enhance protection. You can design them depending on your taste and preferences. You can decide whether you want them to be motorized, retractable or stationary. This will enhance the look of your house if they are well installed.


Deciding on the awning fabric is a very key factor when it comes to choice for your home. The fabric used will not only determine how effective the awning will be in achieving the intended purpose but also make the visual statement on the appearance of your home. The most common fabric is the canvas since it is less expensive and resilient. Canvas also come with its disadvantages. Since it is very elastic, it can sometimes hold water during the rainy period which will add weight to the frame creating the danger of falling. Different fabrics have different characteristics. There are waterproof fabric, dirt resistant fabric and so on. The choice of fabric works well when it held well and secure with the frame. Choose the material that does not break easily. Most often the aluminum or steel supports are used.


An awning can be made in different styles depending on the taste of the customer. Some common styles are: 1. The slope type 2. Crescent type 3. Waterfall type 4. Dome type 5. Ornamental type These are just a few common awning styles. A person can customize to come up with completely unique style.


Different types of awnings appeal to different people. It is, therefore, important to understand or know the factors that you must consider before settling on a certain type of awning. Some of the common factors you must have in mind include:

Fabric As discussed, there are different fabrics that can be used to make an awning. When deciding on the type of fabric, you can keep in mind below: -Your budget -The purpose of installation. -Ease of maintenance. With the above factors, it is easy to choose the type of fabric that will best work for you. There are different fabric in the market. These are cotton, PVC, canvas, vinyl, acrylic etc

The design of the awning Choose the design that will bring out the best part of your home. Most people when they come to your home will likely notice the awning first before anything else in your home.

Cost Cost is a factor when choosing which awning to buy. The cost of the awning is affected by the fabric, installation and maintenance cost thereafter. Choose the type that is within your budget and can give you the service you are looking for.

Know the need Every person installing an awning has a reason why he or she is doing so. Most people will install awning in Vietnam for sunlight protection. Having determined why you need an awning, deciding on the type will be an easy decision. In most cases, awnings are installed by professionals. There are a good number of companies who sell and install awnings in Vietnam. It is, however, important for the homeowner to find the right company that will give him/her the best outcome. Some of the factors you can consider when settling on an awning selling/installing company are:


Go for that company that has a good reputation when it comes to doing a good job. Information can always be found from previous customers and what people are saying about them. 


Work with a company that has the approval to install awnings. Professional staff. This will assure you of good service. The cost of hiring them. Contract the company that is within your budget.

In conclusion 

Awnings are very important in homes. They will not only offer protection but also bring out the best out of your home. It is, however, important to make sure that you get it right when it comes to choosing the design, material used in making the awning and finding the right person to install it.

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