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8 Creative Do-It-Yourself Garden Projects

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Looking for a fun weekend project? Why not get out and enjoy the sun, while making your outdoor space a little more personal? At homify, have some amazing projects to get your creativity flowing, no matter what kind of skill you bring to the garden. Get out the drawing board and prepare to refresh your outdoor space!

1. Vertical Garden Planters

They are all the rage right now, and for good reason. These simple projects are space savers in small backyards and can add some height to flat garden beds. We've seen gardeners make vertical planters straight from wood like these, but they've also used more interesting materials like old ladders, bicycles and plastic sacks. There's no real limit to what you can make these out of, and then you get to fill them!

2. Anything Can Be a Garden Pot

We bet that you have a few items laying around the house that you're saving for a garage sale. Why not turn them into garden pots instead? It's less work than the vertical garden, but it's free and adds a ton of character to your space. We've even seen old shoes and ceramic cats used as planters, so go crazy. 

3.Outdoor Ovens

This is a bit more ambitious than the other projects, but it's so functional. You can make these ovens out of clay, or even simple brick, and then enjoy baking pizza outside all summer. This designer has even turned this oven into a focal-point, with a convenient wood storage beside it and a bamboo awning above that looks natural and neat. Of course, for a project of this scale you might want some expert help

4. Small Garden Plots

If you're truly dedicated to doing it yourself, but you don't have the experience to tackle a large project, just start small. This little decorative garden is a great example of something you can plan out and finish in a day. If you're not sure of which plants to pair just pick one, and throw some rocks in there too for texture. You can't go wrong here. 

5. Unusual Bird Baths

These cute bird baths are an adorable project that's sure to attract some visitors to your backyard. The shape doesn't have to be this complicated if you don't want it to be, and they are already quite shallow so not much digging is required. Some of the fun of this project will surely be picking out a cool texture to line the bottom of the pond with, and you can find some suppliers here

6. Stone Walkways

They don't have to be straight or perfect to look cute. These pathways are a simple weekend project that just require stones. If you can't get them just right, don't worry, you can move them around whenever you like. You don't even have to worry too much about getting them level, with time they'll sink further into your garden. 

7. Waterfalls

With a little bit of planning, a waterfall can be a gorgeous addition to a garden. It's simpler than you think, and you can always ask a landscape gardener to get you started. Once you have a tarp laid down to catch the water, and the hosing installed, you can start the really fun part of laying the rocks. With enough of a pond at the end of the waterfall, you could even add some koi, which really make a garden feel sophisticated. 

8. Funky Fencing

You don't have to be an expert to put up a little garden fence in your backyard. They add so much lovely dimension to the space, even if they simply line a bed or two. You can make them out of simple wood boards like this one, or you can get creative and add some latticing or colour. 

If your garden is a little empty and you're not sure where to start with these projects, take a look at this amazing garden transformation to give you some ideas. 

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