6 Easy kitchen upgrades

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6 Easy kitchen upgrades

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Creating a larger, spacious and more inviting kitchen can be a tedious process, but the team at homify have considered the fact that most households don’t really have extra time on their hands for home remodelling and expansion. Smaller kitchens however can be adapted for a growing family, allowing for more workspace, storage and even an informal dining area. These 6 steps will help you with your kitchen expansion project.

Step 1: Plan and Measure

By taking actual measurements of your kitchen and creating a plan of action regarding how much space needs to be added and what you would like to incorporate into your new kitchen, you make the design process a little easier. But remember to check where your expansion can be done, whether it means creating space from the backyard or the living area, or simply adding a kitchen island for extra storage, a plan is needed.

Step 2: A Creative Style

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Fraher and Findlay

Interior sketch view

Fraher and Findlay

Now that you have a plan of action for your spacious kitchen, consult an interior designer to detail your modern kitchen makeover accurately. This is the creative part of your kitchen revamp and is essential before any walls are torn down or building materials are bought. The designer will guide you with colour and style choices that suit the rest of your home décor.

Step 3: The Budget

 Nhà bếp theo Redesign, Hiện đại

Vibrant and Modern Kitchen Extension


It is imperative to consider your budget because beginning with any home makeover project and this should include the cost of materials and the cost of labour to complete the project within a desired time frame. Ensure that you know where the electricity wiring and water supply line are located before knocking down any walls, as this will cause extra damage and cost if not worked into the plan.

Step 4: Clever Storage

 Hầm rượu theo A1 Lofts and Extensions, Hiện đại
A1 Lofts and Extensions

Teddington Kitchen Extension

A1 Lofts and Extensions

When redesigning your kitchen it is imperative to consider incorporating new and exciting storage units, this means that a complete overhaul of appliances, the sink and even those underutilised corners should be considered. Modern kitchen designs offer so much more stylish storage solutions, so it is worthwhile to think smart for your new kitchen storage.

Step 5: Open Plan Glory

If you don’t have space to expand your kitchen into your backyard area, then an open plan design might just be the perfect kitchen design for your requirements. This means that the kitchen, living room and even dining room is incorporated into one usable open plan space, allowing the kitchen to seem more spacious and elegant. Here are 6 Perfect Open Plan Decor Styles for your home.

Step 6: Home Improvement

 Nhà bếp theo homify, Tối giản

concrete worktops


The idea to redesign your kitchen should bear in mind that your revamped kitchen should be both stylish and smart. This means that every aspect of the kitchen that you didn’t like or weren’t pleased about could be changed for a better design to suit the needs of your family, whether it be more working space, more storage or even a larger stove or sink… a makeover is the perfect opportunity to get your kitchen cosier.

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