9 ingenious kitchen tricks to save you a lot of money

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9 ingenious kitchen tricks to save you a lot of money

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These days, saving money at home doesn’t have to mean eating cup noodles and cutting coupons for the local market. There are plenty of neat tricks and tips available that will kick-start your economical resolutions, and which are sure to improve your quality of life, as well as the health of your wallet.

Aside from straightforward solutions such as preparing and cooking meals at home rather than dining at restaurants, there are other less obvious options. So, whether you are looking to reduce debt, increase your financial freedom, or simply start saving, we’ve got some tricks for you. Read on below, and begin your thrifty life with ease and motivation!

1. Make your own cleaning products

Instead of spending a huge amount of money on chemical-laden cleaning goods, try your hand at making some from simple household items. 

You can find out more here: 9 natural ways to clean your home!

2. Stop eating out

Say goodbye to those regular restaurant visits, and start eating your meals at home. Your body will thank you, and so will your wallet!

3. Eat in-season produce

In-season produce is cheaper, fresher and going to be better for the environment. Instead of heading to the supermarket and purchasing goods that have been shipped halfway around the world, go to a local market and see what is in season. 

4. DIY some accessories

Instead of spending copious amounts of money on fancy accessories and serving boards for your kitchen, why not make some yourself? Try a weekend DIY project and create some cheeseboards. Alternatively, purchase vintage cookware and tableware from your local second hand store and impart an individual and unique aesthetic in your home. 

5. Drink coffee at home

With a cup of coffee sometimes costing HK$60, it's easy to see how money can disappear by the end of the week. Buy yourself a coffee or espresso machine for the kitchen, and start your day with an inexpensive and delicious homemade brew.

6. Audit your belongings

In this example, designers have implemented drawer tidies, which are essential to keeping everything in check. 

Audit your crockery, glassware and accessories, selling or donating anything you no longer need. 

7. Replace your old appliances

This may seem as though you are spending money (which you are), however, old appliances often drain huge volumes of energy and resources, meaning you pay more to use them. 

Invest in some energy and water smart accessories and appliances, and save yourself money in the long run. 

8. Grow your own herbs… then preserve them

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Growing your own herbs drastically improves the vibe and aura in your kitchen, while ensuring you have plenty of tasty additives for your culinary treats. 

Once you have grown your herbs, preserve them through drying, or freeze them fresh into olive oil within ice cube trays. 

9. Make your own sauces and preserves

Making your own sauces and preserves not only saves you a tonne of money, but is a fun and exciting activity. Get your family involved, and make yourself some healthy, preservative and chemical-free goods that can be easily stored, and make excellent gifts too!

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