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When we picture Japanese architecture, our immediate thoughts often encompass ultra-minimalist interiors, sleek housing, and spaces replete with a juxtaposition of tradition and modernity. However, today’s feature project provides us with a completely different design aesthetic. 

Rustic and warm, this dwelling offers a familial ambience, with a host of gorgeously chosen, eclectic accoutrements. The furniture is evocative of French provincial interiors, with an additional sense of diversity and variety. Boasting light-filled interior spaces, and a perfect bright colour scheme, this home is definitely an envy-worthy abode. 

To learn more, and perhaps glean a few ideas for your own house or apartment, check out the images below. Let’s take a peek inside…

A rustic and enchanting exterior

Our first view of this house is truly enticing. The home, unlike many other traditional abodes, features almost British styling, which can be seen through the use of shingled roofing, casement windows, shutters and a raised portico entrance. However, this dwelling is also extremely sympathetic to its surrounding landscape. Boasting a white stucco, this abode reflects the natural light, ensuring it functional almost as a beacon in its rural setting. 

To the left of the front entrance we see a single tree. This offers a Zen-like simplicity, while providing connectivity to the environment and surrounding scenery. Rustic, and boasting a huge amount of character, we cannot wait to see inside!

An eclectic and engaging interior

The first interior space we see certainly doesn't disappoint. The interior is light and airy, with plenty of eye-catching accessories and ornaments. What strikes us first is the usage of modern cultural ornamentation, paired or perhaps juxtaposed against the sleek heritage interior. 

Timber is a material widely seen throughout, and is most apparent as the ceiling beams peek through the stark white ceiling stucco. 

In the forefront of our vantage, we see the mirror, which reflects the dining scene and kitchen behind. This home certainly feels lavish, but includes a tattered nonchalance , helping to retain a shabby-chic aesthetic. 

Shabby-chic interior living spaces

Moving into the living room, we are provided a view of the relaxed, Japanese style sitting space. Although this area isn't fully traditional, elements of history and tradition seep into the overall ambience. 

The furniture is draped elegantly in white fabric, while the dark vintage timber items contrast the light hues perfectly. The timber beams can be seen in more detail here, offering a wonderfully eye-catching element in this simple, easy going room. 

Indoor plants have also been employed extensively throughout the home. As the colour scheme and heritage aura of the home is fairly warm, cosy and welcoming, the plants assist in bringing life and energy to the individual spaces. 

It is here that the architects and designers have truly offered their complete vision. The family-friendly home is serene and tranquil, offering all of the requisite modern amenities, while ensuring each and every ornament and decorative fitting is considered and thoughtful. 

A cosy ambience and welcoming aura

Turning around to change our vantage and check out the other side of the living room, we see the cosy hallways and corridors. If there is one thing this dwelling has, it is a hospitable, graceful and inviting aura.

The colour scheme employed throughout the home is one of rustic hues and earthy tones, but the designers have also ensured the atmosphere is fresh, with bright whites and plenty of interesting terracotta shades. 

Home is where the heart is…

Before we end out tour, we head back outside at nightfall to check out the exterior façade once more. Oozing charm and appeal, this gorgeous dwelling is whimsical in its welcoming and enchanting allure. 

As warm ambient light emanates from within, we are struck with the beauty of this cottage, and its ability to infuse a feeling of comfort and safety. Surprising, quaint, yet still highly sophisticated, this is definitely an endearing and enthralling abode.

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