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For today’s home tour we visit the beautiful state of Goa and its picturesque and peaceful beaches. The property that we have chosen stands near the beaches of Calangute. A departure from the Goan-Portugese architecture of this place, this house stands out through its use of bright colours and modern style. There is a peaceful and radiant vibe about it, which is what attracted us to it in the first place.

The design and architect team at Rita Body Joshi and Associates have managed to create an elegant abode with plenty of sandy hues and vibrant art work that is not only framed, but also built into the overall design scheme.

Let us take a quick look!

​The Midas Touch

The golden hues of the everlasting beach sunshine permeates into every corner of this home thanks to the large windows that break the concrete monotony of the walls. The doors and windows have been draped with sheer curtains so that the sunlight may filter in, unhindered. The L-shaped couch and long ottoman form a more causal seating area while an old school fan whirs into action from its designated spot in the ceiling.

​Golden Hued Elegance

Much like the sands that dot its myriad beaches, the sunshine infused statement of this living room also has a golden touch. The beige couches form comfortable seating while a quirky coffee table is halfway on its way to quirky land. The rustic art work has a very colorful presence while the marble floor is inlaid with a simple dark border to create a balance of simplicity in this vibrant setting. A tall Ming vase in the corner with flowers adds a luxurious and artistic touch.

​Whimsical Touches in the Elegant Dining Room

The elegant dining room imbibes a Goan sense of fun with a slightly whimsical edge. A flea market style mirror with a teal frame stands on one wall as the simple wooden table and its inlay pattern is flanked by wooden chairs with rich upholstery in mocha shades, and a royal blue throw. The doors lead you outdoors and have heavy cream drapes for privacy while a corner piece holds precious memorabilia.

​An Artistic Edge in the Bedroom

The luxurious master bedroom has a pretty feel thanks to the artistic trellis in the false ceiling as well as the pattern on the olive green wall. The pinch button leather headboard of the bed and the sheer drapes make for a wholesome and stylish statement here. We especially love how the room has been layered with neutral colours.

​Colour Meets Neutral Ground

The neutral shades of the grandfather chairs in this lounging area have been combined with pops of colour like the stained glass art that adorns the false ceiling. The door is a solid one with a patterned appeal while an opulent wooden dresser with a mirror stands on one side. Cushions have been added for comfort along with the footstools and ethereal lighting.

​Artistic Bedroom

This simple bedroom calls out to the artistic side of the home owners. The simple block printing on one wall acts as a frame for a colorful painting. The bed is a linear platform one that sits in the centre as sheer blinds and curtains add layers. The padded headboard goes all the way up to the ceiling for a stately effect.

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