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5 kitchen renovations that will fill your head with ideas

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When planning the décor of your dwelling, it's necessary to keep in mind that the kitchen is the heart of the home; the important nucleus that yields tasty and nutritious meals to keep us healthy and strong! If there’s one place in the house that should never be dismal or cluttered – it’s the kitchen! Today we bring to you 5 astounding kitchen renovations that will demonstrate why remodelling a shabby old kitchen into a modern cooking space is well worth the time, effort and money! Let’s explore…

1. Chaotic kitchen

This kitchen not only has some seriously outdated décor, it's also a picture of chaos with a huge mess all over the countertop. Moreover, the dining table and refrigerator are in the way of everything.

Trendy transformation

The kitchen décor is completely transformed, with a U-shaped countertop and ample storage space. The fridge is neatly fitted in a recess and the trendy colour palette is complemented by the recessed lights, slatted door and air conditioner.

2. Outdated design

This kitchen is a simple affair in white and blue, but the tiles, cabinets and countertop look obsolete and unfashionable. An update was definitely required.

Stylish makeover

What a stunning transformation! The white-panelled cabinets, trendy handles, natural wooden countertop and the floating shelves all combine to create a classy kitchen.

3. Missed opportunities

This kitchen is an excellent example of poor design. The herringbone parquet and window grill are quite pretty but completely wasted in this unpleasant décor. We also wonder about the purpose of the wasted space below the window ledge…

An ideal setting

The modern, minimalist white décor is beautifully balanced by the brown herringbone parquet and natural wooden countertop, which has been extended. The window grill looks much more attractive in its new setting!

4. Dull and boring

This old-fashioned, grim-looking kitchen could certainly do with a makeover. Dull brown tones and dated cream tiles combine for a dreary and depressing ambience.

Pristine perfection

The dull old kitchen has become a modern white wonderland with sleek fittings and a stylish minimalist look. It's barely recognisable as the same space!

5. Dismal ambience

The outdated appliances and shabby cabinets are set in a seriously weird colour theme. The sickly green of the cabinets contrasts terribly with the peculiar brown flooring and mismatched grey countertop.

Elegant makeover

We love the cool white and grey colour palette, seasoned with splashes of blue! The kitchen is now a contemporary beauty, with snazzy light fixtures and appliances.

Another view

The cheery blue mosaic panel is naturally illuminated by the large window and stylish spotlights. The breakfast bar is an ingenious way to separate the dining area and kitchen without making the division too apparent.

These 5 stunning examples of renovated kitchens provide lots of inspiration for trendy designs, furniture and colours that can turn your kitchen into a chef’s dream! Here are few more ideas to inspire you: 9 beautifully unusual homes you won't forget.

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