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10 ways to make your bedroom look like a hotel

Leigh Leigh
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There is nothing more soothing and relaxing than curling up on our beds with fresh and crisp linen underneath us, fresh air flowing through the room and peace and quiet all around us. 

In fact, our bedrooms should be a sanctuary where we can escape from the rest of the world. It should be serene, neat and tidy at all times. It should also have a touch of luxury to it and a few splashes of colour, charm or personality. 

Think about when you go on holiday or stay in a hotel. With everything pristine and stylish, you immediately feel refreshed when you spend time in the bedroom. But how can we achieve this same look and feel in our homes?

This is what we are going to show you today at homify! We are going to explore 10 bedrooms that look like they belong in a hotel and see how we can achieve the same look and feel in our own homes.

Just be warned, you'll never want to leave your bedroom!

Are you ready to take a look?

1. A luxury suite

These bedrooms are characterised by a clean and relaxed atmosphere. The bedding should be in perfect condition and be the epitome of comfort and relaxation. Small details such as mirrors and lighting should be invested in, creating a luxurious finish.

The first step when it comes to transforming your bedroom into a hotel room is to modify the walls. As we can see in this design, a mirror can create a huge impact. It also reflects the light in the space, making it seem brighter and more spacious. 

Have a look at these 11 clever ways to use mirrors in your home for inspiration. 

Neutral colours also work very well in this kind of environment, creating a clear and pure environment.

2. According to the climate

Depending on your holiday destination, hotels are always equipped with everything that you could possibly need so that the weather doesn't influence the comfort of the space. Textiles are often used to achieve this.

For example, in hotels near the beach or in warm climates, soft curtains or cotton fabrics are used to keep the room cool and fresh without compromising on the privacy of guests. In hotels in colder destinations, thick duvets and extra blankets as well as cushions are used to create a more cuddly and warm environment. 

This is why it's important to adapt your bedroom to the climate of your city or the season. Use curtains, carpets and other textiles to create an appealing environment.

3. Enjoy intimacy

Intimacy does not just refer to the sexual appeal that a bedroom can have. It also refers to a space where you can be alone and by yourself. And to make yourself comfortable, even when you are alone, lighting plays a very big role.

For those who like a more loving and soothing environment, it's a good idea to add amber and diffused lights to your bedroom. This can create a very cosy or even romantic atmosphere. 

If you are a free and adventurous person, white lights might be better for your bedroom space. It will give you the freedom to dream!

4. The best bed

The first thing that we check in hotel bedrooms is that the bed is comfortable. We want it to provide the necessary support that is neither too hard nor too soft. In fact, sometimes when we get home it's hard to get to sleep because our bed isn't as pleasant as the hotel bed!

However, if there is something that we should not skimp on it's the bed. Forget about your old mattress! It's time to go and invest in a good quality bed that suits your needs and wants. It will have a huge impact on your health, quality of sleep and state of mind.

Doesn't this bed and design by professionals Hinson Design Group just look so inviting?

5. Extra accessories

Although its main function is rest, the bedroom is also a space for many other things. We spend hours in a bedroom talking to our partner, planning the next holiday, making important decisions or just watching movies. And many hotel rooms are designed to meet these needs!

This is why it's important to adapt your bedroom for different functionalities. Include a couple of armchairs for afternoons talking, extra cushions for when you lie in bed and watch movies and even a minibar so that you have a cool beverage readily accessible.

You'll enjoy your bedroom even more!

6. Daring decor

The decor in hotels usually includes an artistic touch, either in the design of the furniture or in the decor of the walls. It makes the environment feel modern, exclusive and unique. 

We can achieve this same look and feel in our own homes by adding a large painting or several small paintings. 

You can also choose something special for this space such as work from a local artist or a replica of a very famous piece. The atmosphere will immediately become more sophisticated!

7. All of the colours

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Even in practical hotels designed for business, the rooms have something unique and special: a combination of colours that enhance the space.

If you want your bedroom to feel like the presidential suite, it is best to use neutral tones with darker details. For example, you can combine white or beige with black or a dark, wine colour. If you want the room to be full of energy, change the dark tones to vibrant colours.

Have a look at how colours influence your bedroom.

8. Something different

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One of the best experiences of staying in a hotel is that you enjoy something different to home. It disconnects us from our daily routine and everyday concerns. 

So why not do this in your very own home? Look for something completely different for your bedroom, which will transport you away from everyday life into a peaceful haven!

9. Don't forget the views

The surrounding views are one of the factors that defines the price of a hotel room. When we visit the beach, forest or the city, we always want a balcony to have the best view, allowing us to enjoy the beautiful surrounds. 

It does not matter if you live in the city, the countryside or by the sea, make the absolute most of your view. In South Africa, we are very lucky to have incredibly surrounds. Incorporate them into the design of your bedroom so that you can enjoy them every night. 

In order to achieve this, you could build a small balcony or terrace or open up your windows. 

10. Impeccable appearance

Finally, the appearance of a bedroom is almost always defined by bedding and linen. In hotels, it is one of the details most valued by visitors. This is why it's important not to skimp on the design of your bedding. Always make sure that it looks beautifully made up. Add some cushions to make it more comfortable and elegant.

In the winter months, don't forget to place an extra blanket at the end of the bed. This will not only make the bed look more luxurious but it will also give you extra warmth for cuddling during the cold nights.

Now, you have everything you need to make your bedroom your favourite space in the house.

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