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One of the many interior trends that are emerging and becoming increasingly popular is the classical meets modern style. This unique type of interior design is a blend of neutral colors with splashes of striking, contrasting colours, along with the use of wood and brass materials, giving it a hint of an Indian classical touch yet remaining light and modern. In order to get the classical meets modern style going at home, you need to find the right balance of elements, and a good way to learn is to browse through loads of interior design ideas. 

Today, we've handpicked some of our favourite classical meets modern home decor styles. We hope you will find some inspiration from these pictures.  

1. Living room with high ceilings

An integral part of the modern classical style home is a living room with high ceilings. Old houses usually have high ceilings so this brings in an element of nostalgia which is the feeling the classical style creates.  

2. From a broader perspective

When viewed from a wider angle, it turns out that the relaxing living room with high ceilings is directly adjacent to the semi-outdoor area. The balcony directly overlooks the open area and has a protective roof, a sort of terrace that is only limited by the sliding glass door, giving the apartment an open, airy feel. 

3. A modern bathroom from another era

It seems like it's a modern bathroom from another era. This unique bathroom is dominated by wooden material and a classy vintage turquoise colour. The sloping wooden beams on the roof give it a rustic look, while the emerald green tiles covering the modern sink area gives it a stylish contemporary feel.  

4. Modern retro home office

This home office looks almost too cool for work. It's got the perfect blend of a contemporary layout with neat straight lines and shades of retro style with the Jimi Hendrix poster and that ethnic carpet on the floor. 

5. Ethnic chic living room

The ethnic chic interior design trend is perfectly pictured here in this beautifully decorated modern living room. A mix of ethnic textiles together with brass pots and minimalist style furniture makes this living room balanced, harmonious and complete. 

6. Modern Indian flooring

Although there are so many different types of flooring options available, it can be difficult to find something truly unique like this modern Indian flooring pictured here. The traditional Indian patterns of the 'kolam' are accentuated with striking colours against the lovely rustic backdrop of the wooden floor, creating a gorgeous modern classical style ambiance. 

7. Soulful interiors

Finally, we end with this soulful interior which actually just leaves you wanting more because it's so full of character and personality. One can see that a lot of thought has been put into decorating this space with antiques, ethnic elements and modern elements too. 

We hope you've found some suitable ideas for your home here. For more inspiration on home decorating ideas, have a look at 6 awesome South Indian inspired home decor ideas. 

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