Should I paint my ceiling white?

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Should I paint my ceiling white?

Johannes van Graan Johannes van Graan
Tudor Manor House Hành lang, sảnh & cầu thang phong cách kinh điển bởi Arttus Kinh điển
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White ceilings are the best – or are they? Be honest: we have become so used to seeing white ceilings in homes, shopping centres, offices, just about everywhere, that we really don’t think about it that often, do we? 

Of course, like all things in life, there are other choices at our disposal, and sometimes even better ones. But let’s not discount all white ceilings, because the truth is that there are several valid reasons why a white ceiling is regarded as a classic – the main one being that they’re clean, bright, and airy, and a trusted way to open up a room’s space. They’re also a blank canvas, meaning it forms the perfect backdrop for additional colours and patterns for the home furnishing and décor. 

However, once you start adding colour to that ceiling, the choices you make throughout the rest of the space need to be given more thought…

1. Luxuriously dark

Deseo - Helix Terra Nhà bếp phong cách hiện đại bởi Deseo Hiện đại

Deseo – Helix Terra


A dark and daring colour for a ceiling can be either intimidating or very luxurious. To opt for the latter, tie the room together by matching the ceiling to a print on the wall. For example, if you use a dark grey hue on the ceiling, try wallpaper with a dark grey accent.

Another suggestion would be to pair the ceiling with light-coloured furniture that has black metal detailing or black rivets. It adds a level of richness because of the dynamic touch between the small little dark details at eye level playing with the dark ceiling above. 

homify hint: Opt for trims and cover plates on any light fixtures in a colour that matches your ceiling, otherwise they’ll be your typical white – and an eyesore.

2. A wood pattern

Curved beamed ceiling Hành lang, sảnh & cầu thang phong cách kinh điển bởi Arttus Kinh điển

If your space is large and you’re doing a lot of darker wood finishes with light fabrics, a wooden ceiling might just make for a perfect touch. 

But add some visual detail by going with a pattern: grids, coffers, beams… they can all bring about some delicious character.

3. Paint it black

Nobody will blame you for being stressed about splashing a pitch-black colour on your ceiling, but it’s not always as bold as you might imagine. 

If done correctly with the right furniture and décor, that black ceiling could actually disappear and bring more attention to your walls.

4. Matching up the ceiling and the walls

Phòng ăn phong cách hiện đại bởi Rubleva Design Hiện đại

Matching your ceiling to your walls is a great idea if you’ve got a smaller space you’d like to brighten up. Plus, a white or light-coloured ceiling and matching wall can create a stunning backdrop for artwork. 

Allow our extensive list of professionals (including interior designers, architects, gardeners, lighting experts, etc.) to help you conjure up the house of your dreams.

5. How to paint your ceiling like a pro – Step 1

bởi Rubleva Design Hiện đại

After you’ve moved out all the furniture and décor items, work continuously around the perimeter of the room, and cut in a 7 – 10 cm wide area at the corners with a paint brush. 

Smooth out the cut-in area by lightly brushing the tip of the bristles over the newly painted area to create a feathered edge.

6. How to paint your ceiling like a pro – Step 2

Place a loaded roller in the corner of the room, and roll in one direction toward the opposite side of the room, in parallel lines.

Do not roll directly over your head; instead roll in a direction towards yourself.

7. How to paint your ceiling like a pro – Step 3

Phòng trẻ em phong cách hiện đại bởi homify Hiện đại

Work quickly and continuously until the entire surface is coated. Do not roll in a W or a V pattern on the ceiling.  Allow the first coat to dry completely before determining whether a second coat is necessary.

If a second coat is required, apply the additional coat all in one direction, perpendicular to the first coat, working quickly and continuously until the entire surface is coated.

That takes care of your ceiling, but what about your walls? See these: 10 great colours to paint your small living room walls.

bởi Casas inHAUS Hiện đại

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