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Greenery tips for inside the home

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Green plants purify the air and boost your sense of general well-being. They also remove trace elements of indoor pollutants and have been shown to decrease our levels of anxiety. With the concrete jungle of modern life creeping in and pollution ever rising, people are becoming ever more conscious of the benefits of creating greenery inside the home.

But many people worry about the maintenance involved in creating greenery inside the home. It can be tricky to find the right pots and placement, both for your decor and the needs of the plants. Thankfully, indoor gardening trends offer more flexible and exciting options than ever before.

From living green walls to quirky plant holders and terrariums, here are a few tips for adding greenery to your home.

Pots with personality

chiết trung  theo rigby & mac, Chiết trung
rigby & mac

Animal Head Wall Vase

rigby & mac

Standard pots for your plants are fine, but small and compact plants like your typical succulent can often work with more creative containers. Look at these quirky and curious designs by Rigby and Mac. With a range of loveable animal faces from cute zebras to koala bears, birds and rabbits, these pot-plants will add cheer to any room.

Choose the right plants

Dim, bright or somewhere in between, the quality of natural light in your room is the number one factor influencing your choice of an indoor plant. For a very high ceiling you might consider a rubber tree that will grow to 8 feet or even just a quirky tree shaped pot like this one by Adventive interior designers. Palm trees such as these are very hardy, require indirect light and are a popular way to add dramatic flair to a room.

Watering options

hiện đại  theo The Urban Botanist, Hiện đại
The Urban Botanist

Aztec Cube Terrarium as Stunning Table Centrepiece

The Urban Botanist

If you're not keen on constantly watering your plants, terrariums are these cool little mini-gardens inside glass that self regulate and are fairly easy to maintain. They are perfect for adding indoor greenery to your home because they can grow and survive well with indirect lighting and little watering. Being enclosed, they aren't as messy as many other pot plants can be, so they're fine in dining areas or on side tables. These glassy enclosures not only show off the natural beauty of green leaves, but the rich earthy soil and fine trails of the root system beneath the surface. 

A living green wall to add life

Living walls, or vertical walls as they are sometimes called, are one of the most decadent indoor gardening trends around today. A vast expanse of lush greenery like this greatly magnifies all the ordinary health benefits of indoor plants. It will also act as a natural insulator as it dampens noise pollution and deflects heat from passing through the walls.

In a glass bulb

hiện đại  theo The Urban Botanist, Hiện đại
The Urban Botanist

Pacific Teardrop Terrarium

The Urban Botanist

With the current interest in up cycling, that is, finding new purposes for older items, eclectic items such as old light bulbs or glass pendants have made a comeback. For a fun, little DIY project, remove the electrical components of an old light-globe, then add soil, sand and plants to create a beautiful little terrarium. 

Seasonals for colour and variety

chiết trung  theo Mehdi Pour design studio, Chiết trung
Mehdi Pour design studio

Pardis, modular hanging wall vases

Mehdi Pour design studio

A great seasonal plant means the opportunity for annual flowers with fresh scents and bright bursts of colour. Understated white ceramic pots like this can be a great way to avoid any colour clashes and allow the natural pastels colours of the flowers to dominate. If your flowers are white, consider a boldly coloured pot to add contrast and interest.

For more indoor greenery ideas, have a look at the Benefits of having a living wall in your home.

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