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In modern households, colour has always been regarded as the most significant feature. While wall colours act as a base for few people, for others they act as the main colour itself. There are people who just prefer a single colour in the entire household and then there are others who would like to decorate every room with a different colour combination. After setting the wall colours, the brighter accents are brought in picture to further enhance the beauty of those colours. These accents can be placed at strategic locations to highlight certain areas of the house to evoke a significant glow. You may include these both in the new and existing home design. So to help you decide the best colour scheme for your house, we bring to you an idea book that advises you on incorporating bright colours and accents in your house.

Live the colours before you buy

Before finalising the colours of your house, give yourself a break and live those colours for a while. While the colour book never does justice to colour senses, you might go with physical colours that look just perfect for a sample or a draft.  Try painting part of the walls with these colours to visualise how the whole house will look like once done. You might also look for wallpapers that have the same colour. They are inexpensive and easy to remove. They will also give you an idea of different combinations, contrasts etc. Apart from these, you may always make a picture in your mind to know how these colours will decorate your house.

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Set the base

One of the ways to dress up your home is by using a subtle base colour. It can easily be a shade of white, yellow, pink or even blue. These colours are available in a plethora of shades that can easily be mingled or blended with other shades. You can easily use them as is or in combination with other colours. For people who prefer light shades, try going for white and shades of white and for people who want brighter accents you may pair these with darker tones.  In both the cases, base colour is the most imperative. It also sets the base for different designs that can be incorporated in the form of wall tattoos and different wall covers.

Use the 60/30/10 rule

This rule highlights the use of colours in a room. This modern concept has basically designed a framework that is used by the designers to provide you with a spectacular home. The main theory behind this rule is choosing three colours you think should be present in your room décor. The choice should be such that one is a lighter tone that makes your base colour and will occupy sixty per cent of your walls or overall room décor. The second colour is a darker tone that basically makes the accent wall and occupies thirty per cent of the décor. The last is the brightest colour that is usually imparted with the help of accessories like cushions, wall paintings and curtains.

Consider contrasts

Contrast is the best way to add colour. It is a refreshing way to add brightness and cheer in your room. Most of the times it happens that contrast can be created with the smallest of items even. Be it a cushion or a rug or even a colourful pouf, it can easily bring a radiant look in your room. If you want a little symmetry try going for the same contrasting colour in every room of the house. For kids bedroom you might choose a wide variety of colours that make the place playful and joyous. You might go for colourful wall tiles and bright wallpapers for a unified glow. Contrasting colours can also be added with the help of bed linen and coverlets.

Follow nature’s lead

Natural belongings can also add brightness in your house. It solves the dual purpose of adding colour and freshness at the same time. Greener accents are anyways more likely to make your house gleaming with energy. You might also opt for colourful flowers and planters that can add an extra zing to the room.  Try going for a natural wall inside the living room to invoke life and happiness at the very entrance itself. Indoor conservatories are another marvellous idea to add colour in your house. You can make use of sand vases and planters to make the area look more appealing. You might as well like to include hanging planters and a flower wall to add different colours in one single frame.

Don’t forget the black

Black is the colour of style. It has always been associated with class and elegance. However, in room décor, this colour has always taken a back set due to its overwhelming and dark effect. But new and contemporary designs have brought black back in fashion. People have started introducing this colour with small and petite items. These items can very well be decorative stuff, collectibles, cushions, and even the bed linen. We recommend using black in some form or other to give your house an elegant feel. Try introducing black vases, flowerpots, figurines and bed frames to add a subtle glamour in the house. Also, black beanbags and futons will anyways look good with any home décor.

Subtle colours with huge impact

Simplicity is the best sophistication. What we mean to say here is that even simple colours can add brightness to your house. Take for example the one shown in the picture. Designed by Labzona, architects in Italy, this room is coloured just in two shades one bright and one light but still renders a beautiful and radiant feel. You might as well go with both colours in darker shades but that will not have the same impact as this. Try going for acrylic or plastic paints that look beautiful and glossy at the same time. Try making sure that even ceiling is made a part of this colour combination.

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