​The Home with Splendid Colonial Presence

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Parrado Arquitectura Phòng khách phong cách đồng quê
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From Arkansas to Zurich, homify 360° brings you the best and most noteworthy architectural discoveries in a multitude of styles and sizes. Our latest discovery takes us to Pilar in the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is here where we are about to meet up with a colonial-style house that has a decidedly stately presence. 

Parrado Architects take the credit for this creation of simple and elegant lines that is certainly impressive, regardless from which angle you choose to view it. 

Colonial-style architecture certainly has an interesting back story. In Latin America, the style peaked in the sixteenth century due to the development of the first cities in the Spanish and Portuguese colonies. The characteristics of the colonial style was born from the design brought by the settlers and the new style found in the region. The input of labour, materials, techniques and local artists resulted in the creation of a brand new style, still regarded as quite popular today.

The façade

The colonial style façade is undeniable. Sand-coloured walls and grey lead are both well-known elements of the style, regularly seen in columns. The black metal of the roof injects an eye-catching contrast, while its pitched design inserts some movement into the straight-lined face of the façade. Bright spots of artificial lighting add the illuminated touches to this front door entrance. 

Notice the curvy grey-brick path that welcomes us to the main entrance. Let’s follow and discover some more…

A welcoming entrance

As we approach closer, we can’t help but appreciate this fine-looking entrance even more. The porch is presented as the perfect gateway, fully intend on preparing the warmest welcome to every guest.  

Two thin iron columns and a wooden bench add a striking visual presence. Notice the abundance of natural light flooding onto the patio, and into the house through the glass.  

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Open spaces

We enter this ground-floor house and are immediately embraced by wide, open spaces. The living room and kitchen have been integrated into one environment, with a dining area separating the two. The high ceilings and pitched roof allow for a welcome amount of freshness and light. And we cannot help but love those white wooden beams that are so visually present. 

Large plates of glass in the windows and doors allow for a healthy helping of natural light, and also provide direct access to the garden.

The decor consists of solid wood furniture, natural tones, indigenous textiles and warm colours – all contributing greatly to a warm and welcoming atmosphere. 

This marks the social and public space of the house, meant for socialising and entertaining. The private zones of the house comprise two bedrooms which share a bathroom, as well as the master bedroom suite.

A wide and welcoming kitchen

The kitchen follows a slight modern-style layout. Simply yet highly functional, the architects have opted for a linear design that provides ample surfaces. We clearly see an area that houses the oven, the stove and sink (the cooking part), while the front counter serves as the preparation and presentation station for meals and dishes. 

Natural light also plays an important part here – notice the elongated window, as well as the glass door leading to the outside grill.

The back yard

The view from the back yard presents us with a wide and spacious veranda, visually separated into two sections. The right side is where the grill is located, with an al fresco dining space a few feet away. The left side is dedicated to outdoor relaxation, where we are meant to grab a glass of wine, plop down, and start catching up with a friend. 

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The R&R spot

Let’s just treat ourselves to one last look at the exterior socialising hotspot before we depart. Rattan armchairs stand ready and willing to welcome a seating friend, and blend in seamlessly with the wooden furniture and clay pots making up this colonial patio. 

A fresh amount of vegetation (not counting the lush lawn) has been added for some health and greenery.

Let’s hear it for this splendid colonial residence that is sure to make a friend out of anybody who enters.

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