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One of the many advantages of living in a rural environment is the availability of space. The best part of living in the countryside is living in a home that is spacious and breezy, and nothing like a small and cramped inner city flat. Living in a country home that has ample room to move does not mean it should be without good design, in regards to both function and aesthetics, and still provide enough storage to create a clutter-free environment. This home on the coast of Devon close to Torquay embraces the breezy, laid-back lifestyle that goes hand-in-hand with living both by the ocean and in the countryside, and takes full advantage of the availability of room to move.

Designed by architect Lee Guilfoyle, today we want to focus on the heart of this stunning home- the kitchen. Built by Sapphire Spaces, this example of a stunningly modern kitchen is everything a 21st century kitchen should be; beautiful, sociable, multi- purpose, and most of all, functional.

Coastal Devon

As you can clearly see, this home is grand both in its scale and its visual impact. Its colour scheme of polished timber and white appears to draw inspiration from sailing ships of the past, whilst the two wings of the ground floor almost remind us of the two hulls of a catamaran, with the second floor of the home serving as the bridge of the boat.

Bulthaup kitchens

Inside, we are greeted by a spacious and grand kitchen that is modern, stylish, and minimal. Its sleek design and crisp lines are thanks in part to the use of the highly revered German kitchen company bulthaup. The company draws inspiration from the famed German bauhaus design school, who followed the principles of form follows function, and who first introduced the notion that design can be high quality, functional, and aesthetically pleasing all at the same time. Employing stark white, and black oak veneers for a timeless monochrome palette, this is a kitchen any chef would be proud to call their own.

Light and breezy

No modern kitchen is complete without ample access to natural light, which this home has an abundance of thanks to the huge opening we see above, as well as the large skylight to the rear. Here we see the beautiful shadows cast by the divides of the skylight, providing a subtle visual aspect to the charming space. Lining the rear wall is a sizeable wine cooler, with storage and appliances hidden away behind the sawn black oak veneer of the cupboards.


At  one end of the striking 4.5 metre kitchen island is a breakfast bar, finished in the same sawn black oak as the adjacent cupboards. This black tone against the contrasting backdrop dominated by white helps bring together the massive space, and serves as a subtle divide between the area designated for eating with the benchtops for meal cooking and preparation. As you can see here, and in the above images, the island itself has been raised off the floor on stainless steel legs, maintaining the open feel of the room.

Boiling water tap

The range of modern kitchen appliances, fixtures and fittings is quite remarkable, with many additions available to help make life a little easier. Here a boiling water Quooker tap has been included, in addition a wall-mounted bulthaup tap.

Bespoke extractor

Mirroring the shape of the kitchen island is an impressive bespoke extractor, whose design is perfectly fitting to the clean lines of this bauhaus-inspired kitchen. With high-end Gaggenau appliances throughout, a generous amount of space and a wonderful view of the coast and beyond, who couldn't see themselves cooking here?

For another example of a noteworthy kitchen incorporating bulthaup's designs into their own, check out this classic home with modern surprises.

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