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A Home that Keeps its Cool Contained

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The ECOSA Institute for Ecological Design based in Prescott, United States, has offered training in design since 2000, teaching students to design with nature as their client. Their vision involves attaining a just, sustainable and healthy world where human activities and nature are in balance with one another. This is certainly what has been achieved with this container home, produced by the ECOSA Institute.

Today we will take a tour of this sustainable design project that will leave you which a sense of wonder for what can be achieved when sustainability and lifestyle quality is combined. You will be amazed what level of luxury can be achieved with modest containers.

Join us to explore this innovative undertaking!

A home unlike any other

Container home front street view homify Nhà Sắt / thép

Container home front street view


Container homes have certainly increased in popularity since a move toward sustainable design, and we find more and more projects which surprise us in the level of comfort and aesthetics obtained with this modest building material. This project by ECOSA is an exemplary contribution to the ever-increasing trend.

Seen here from the street, the house has all the trappings of a regular family home: a fence, driveway, front garden and even a second floor. A clear revelation that although a container house might be ecologically friendly, it does not have to be meagre.

From this angle we can also see that the home hosts many windows for excellent ventilation and temperature control, as well as sufficient rooftop solar panels to provide in the home’s energy needs.

Generous interiors

Living Room from above homify Phòng khách

Living Room from above


The true treasure of the Container Home, is the interior it accommodates. Thinking of more traditional container conversions, there isn't a lot of space to work with, although architects have found wonderfully innovative ways to utilise such space optimally. However, in this home there does not seem to be any lack of space at all. The areas are more than sufficient to serve its purpose, and then some!

This aerial view of the living room gives us a good indication of the type of lifestyle the Container Home affords. There is more than enough space for two large sofas and another recliner. It also features indoor plants and interesting lighting. It certainly looks like an ideal spot to unwind in!

Stylish cooking

Galley kitchen homify Nhà bếp phong cách hiện đại

Galley kitchen


Let’s take a look at what kind of kitchen we find on our sustainable tour grounds. As with the previous area we inspected, the kitchen is spacious with much room to move about in. All of the amenities are concentrated against the kitchen wall, in order to leave enough space for working in the room or moving through it.

The kitchen cabinets and counters are made from a stylish timber, complimented by stainless steel finishes in the appliances, trimmings and top cabinets. Metallic tiles are used in the backsplash area to supplement this look. The result is an essentially modern kitchen with a soft edge.

Feather-light bedroom

Master bedroom and bathroom homify Phòng ngủ phong cách hiện đại

Master bedroom and bathroom


Now let us move to the more intimate spaces of the house. We find ourselves in the master bedroom. Once again the space is structured in such a way as to make it feel as open and large as possible. This is augmented by the white walls and ceiling.

A light-weight bed is used to keep to the minimal standard of the home and to make the room feel relaxed and uncluttered. Privacy is not sacrificed entirely for the sake of spaciousness, as the bed area is outfitted with a robust curtain to section off the space.

The bedroom is carpeted in a neutral colour, which distinguishes the room from others as a safe haven and gentle retreat.

Practical and tranquil

Bathroom homify Phòng tắm phong cách hiện đại



The master bedroom that we saw in the previous image leads into the bathroom, seen here. The space can be sectioned off from the bedroom by a sliding wooden door to ensure privacy.

The flooring in the bathroom is a charcoal-coloured wooden laminate. This provides a natural look for the room, whilst being a versatile material in terms of insulation and wear-resistance. It is also an ideal flooring material for bathrooms, where moisture is inevitable.

The bathroom is graces with a large and luxurious bathtub, which can also function as shower, when necessary. The blue colour scheme of the room contributes to a sense of rest and tranquillity.

Home office

Front studio homify Phòng học/văn phòng phong cách hiện đại

Front studio


Lastly, we find that the innovative Container Home has an addition many traditional homes cannot even boast of. Leading out from the living room’s generous sliding doors we find a substantial wooden porch, and beyond that, a detached studio to be used as home office or workshop. What more could you need?

The detached section offers a level of privacy not attainable with a study within the house, and will be the perfect solution for those working from home or with their own businesses. This house really seems to be the perfect ensemble when it comes to comfort, style and sustainability. You cannot go wrong!

The project is definitely a mile stone in combining sustainability with luxury living. We hope you found this container home as inspiring as we did!

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