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10 Feng Shui tips to keep bad energy out of the home

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If you're experiencing a bout of bad luck lately, and you're tired of losing money and hair over the stress, then it's probably time to consider cleansing your house of bad energies using the ancient Chinese method of Feng Shui. The art of styling your home using this age old method will ensure that you're relaxed, comfortable and at ease the minute you walk into your home. By finding out how to ward off bad vibes, you'll also open yourself up to a better mindset for your professional, emotional, financial and even health related issues. Let's take a look at some of these handy tips for inspiration.

1. The entrance

One of the first steps to cleaning houses of negative energy, using Feng Shui, means you'll need to think from the entrance of your home. A mirror will instantly enhance illumination and create the illusion of a larger space that is more inviting and pleasant.

2. Get rid of broken objects

Light and bright! Phòng khách phong cách kinh điển bởi CC Construction Kinh điển
CC Construction

Light and bright!

CC Construction

Another Feng Shui philosophy is that broken items and objects should be thrown away, as they contribute to a negative energy or block positive energy. This lovely living room includes muted tones for a simple design.

​3. Circulation

Opening the windows every day goes beyond hygiene, it's a fundamental means to renew the air. Even when it's cold outside, open your windows every morning. Also, raise the blinds and open curtains to let the sunshine and natural light flow through your space.

4. Avoid clutter

If you're looking for how to ward off bad energy, you'll probably need to get rid of all that clutter too. Keep your decor minimal and organise your interior regularly.

5. Functional flora

hiện đại  theo Appleyard London, Hiện đại
Appleyard London

Summer Calla Lily Plant

Appleyard London

An easy idea to include Feng Shui into your home is by introducing some fascinating plants such as sensational lilies in vibrant shades.

6. Salt

hiện đại  theo Oggetto, Hiện đại

Salt Keeper


If you move to live in a new home (that has been previously inhabited) the philosophy of Feng Shui recommends that you put a pinch of salt in each corner of the rooms throughout the house. This culinary ingredient is said to absorb the bad energy of the old residents. It should remain there for 48 hours, thereafter just throw the salt away. 

7. Decorate with mirrors

Queens Park House Phòng khách phong cách chiết trung bởi Honeybee Interiors Chiết trung
Honeybee Interiors

Queens Park House

Honeybee Interiors

Another idea for cleaning the house of bad energies using Feng Shui, is to incorporate mirrors throughout your home, doing so attracts positive vibes, and ensures that your home looks amazing too.

8. North facing

Bedroom Phòng ngủ phong cách hiện đại bởi homify Hiện đại



We must always look for the north, especially when it comes to studying, sleeping or working. According to Feng Shui, there will be a better flow of energy, as we are then in-line with the energy of the planet.

9. Incense and good odours

Using incense sticks is an Asian method of keeping your home smelling great, while also cleaning the houses of negative energy through Feng Shui. It's also very welcoming to new guests and inhabitants alike.

10. Clean regularly

Regular cleaning is essential to get rid of negative energy and create a sense of well-being for the residents. Be sure to clean the bathrooms, kitchen and living spaces by dusting, vacuuming and even scrubbing. Here's another helpful feature: How do I set up the furniture in large rooms?

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