17 walk-in closet designs that will spark an idea for yours

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Walk-in closets provide a sense of space, freedom to choose your garments and are simply a great way to organize and prepare your clothes for each day. There are many benefits to having a walk-in closet as opposed to a regular wardrobe and they include but are not limited to the following:

  1. They increase the value of a property
  2. They add a sense of glamour and style
  3. They are convenient and keeps things neat and tidy
  4. They maximize your storage space even when they’re small
  5. They provide privacy

Another great thing about walk-in closets is that they can be custom built to large or small bedrooms and living spaces.

Interior designers and decorators can not only help you build a walk-in closet as well as design the ideal one suited to your house but also help you to get the best out of it. Their unique sense of technical visualisation can help you see your closet complete long before its actually done and ready.  

1. Chic sensations

This walk-in closet not only gets the hit of minimalism but also gives that feeling of a chic design.

2. Small and innovative

Walk-in closets don't have to be big to be innovative, this space-saver walk-in closet is a brilliant example.

3. Stylishly blingful

With a gorgeous chandelier, you can't help but get that high-end fashion feel going for this walk-in closet.

4. Humble plus homely

This walk-in closet has a humble, simple design, yet so beautiful and useful.

5. Reach in and display

This closet makes it easy to reach in for your clothes with plenty of shelves to display footwear and accessories.

6. Contemporary stylish

This walk-in closet is contemporary, neat and oh so stylish.

7. Walk-in closet with bathroom access

One of the most convenient designs in walk-in closets are those with direct access to the bathroom!

8. Earthy bathroom walk-in

This walk-in closet has access to the bathroom and designers created a neutral setting resulting in this beauty here. It also features stunning work by carpenters.

9. Windows added

Walk-in closets with windows provide natural light and a spacious feel while maintaining the privacy.

10. Bedroom vanity closet

A vanity can form part of your walk-in closet, but as seen here it forms part of the bedroom reach in closet.

11. Shelves and hanging space with a backdrop

Who says that your closet should only feature plain-Jane walls? This wardrobe has a great looking backdrop almost teleporting you to another environment as you get ready for your day.

12. Seating space

Why not have a seat while you tie your shoes or put them on?

13. Your very own dressing studio

When designing your walk-in closet, a professional interior designer can help you create the perfect dressing studio.

14. High-end design with a boutique feel

This terrific walk-in closet gives a feeling of being at a high-end clothing store.

15. Make your shoes and accessories visible

This walk-in closet makes the shoes and accessories the stars of the show and easy to access.

16. Cosy, yet effective

Here's another example of how interior decorators make a small walk-in closet effective despite the small scale.

17. More mirrors, more visuals

You simply have to get your reflection to make sure that you're looking your stunning best. This walk-in closet provides sufficient mirrors to get the job done mirror mirror on the wall…

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