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Before and after: 5 astonishing terrace transformations!

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Out of all the home transformation projects we have explored, terrace transformations are often the most dramatic. People tend to concentrate on decorating their interior living space, and life takes over before they have a chance to address the outdoor areas. Many a potential terrace is left as a characterless concrete transition space. Others are left looking worn and neglected under the ravages of the run and rain. But the most common problem occurs when an urban terrace morphs into an ugly storage area!

This is all a real shame because the tiniest terrace has great potential. A terrace, no matter how big or small will encourage us to slow down and adopt a natural, breezy approach to life. So today, we are going to show you 5 amazing terrace transformations. Who knows? They might just inspire you to revamp a long-neglected outdoor space!

1. Before: a neglected roof

This outdoor terrace has the potential for good views and lots of fresh breezes. But the tiles are damaged, there is no seating and the dull brickwork certainly doesn't inspire one linger and enjoy the great outdoors!

After: a terrace full of life

The fresh new terrace has new life. The wall has a new, brick exterior and the floor has new ochre-yellow tiles. At the same time, the suffering plants have been replaced with new species. These new plants are much better suited to the harsh and constant sunlight this area receives. They are sure to thrive and induce a much calmer and more invigorating ambience to this space.

2. Before: an uninspiring entrance

The entrance of this home is a concrete, transitional space that could hardly be called a terrace. The walls are grey, the ground is grey and the little garden greenery is tucked away and does little but block light from entering the home. It is a completely functional and inspiring space with great potential!

After: a place of mystery and beauty

It's hard to believe this is the same home we saw earlier. The front entrance has been replaced with a large, bold concrete mass set at an angle from the ground. This is now a home with a strong, contemporary presence and a sense of mystery. At the same time, the large trees have been removed and replaced with a small rock garden complete with decorative trees, outdoor lighting and Asian garden sculptures.

3. Before: a wasteland

There are many who might look at a property like this and consider ripping the entire building down! The potential garden area is a wasteland of unnourished earth and it's hard to believe anything could grow in such a place. At the same time, the exterior of the building is badly damaged and the entire home is clearly in dire need of loving attention.

After: a friendly, outdoor area

This is the same building we saw earlier, but wow, what a difference. The exterior has been painting and the windows and roof have been replaced. But the basic layout and sizes of the openings are just the same as before.

The biggest transformation, of course, is in the outdoor terrace and porch areas. A golden sandy base now covers the ground and a collection of potted plants infuses the space with instant life.

4. Before: an old-fashioned terrace

The terrace here is perfectly functional and clearly generous in size. But the space is dominated by the harsh black lines of the fence and window bars. It is hardly an appropriate look for a space that is meant for embracing the gentle ambience of nature. But it is also a look that was popular during the 1980s.

After: a natural contemporary area

The new contemporary terrace is bright, wide and open. The roof reaches an impressive height and is set at an attractive angle from the main building. The harsh industrial materials have been replaced by earthy materials with soft, natural textures that really blend into the green surroundings.

5. Before: drab storage area

Finally, we come to the most common of neglected terraces – the terrace-cum-storage area! This dark and covered terrace area comes off from a living room and faces an open street. There is a small table and even a reclining outdoor chair. But it's clearly not a serene place – after all, there's a washing line overhead!

After: a bright, sunny terrace

Now this is a fine example of just how important storage areas can be. This fresh and bright terrace has classy white outdoor seating and a stunning, sunny ambience. The place has obviously been totally de-cluttered, the window treatments removed and a few potted plants add the final, outdoorsy touch to the space.

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