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Island topography is relatively simple but has a strong identity of the tropical coral-obsessed topography with three different components that are the floating island part, the intertidal corridor (coral shelf) Surrounding the island and the steep underground slope. Da Nang Hoi An Tour According to poet Quach Tan, close to the foot of the mountain there is a wharf, called Ben Ngu (using Nguyen as Hoa Que wharf), [14] because in the past every time the king visited Ngu Hanh Son, he docked there. 730 people, Cao Dai has 3

Just like in Thien Nam, the four-story map of the map by Do Ba Cong Dao, from Dao Phu, from Nghe An, in the year of the Tiger (1686), draw the way from Thang Long to Chiem Thanh all have "Non Nuoc Son with three peaks" written in Nom. Legend, origin Son Tra Peninsula is a place of harmony between the sea and sky with mountains and rivers in a quiet space, with the murmuring sound of the sea and the story of an old story: In the reign of Emperor Minh Mang (home Nguyen, XIX century), there is a Buddha statue drifting from out of nowhere on the sand here. This is the third fastest growth rate in the country after Binh Duong (4.41%) and Dong Nai (3.5%)

Industrial production value decreased, in 1990 only by 95.5% compared with 1985; Some establishments have to stop operating or dissolve; the number of state-owned enterprises decreased from 64 to 59 [123]. In 2018, Da Nang had more than 180. In 1533, Nguyen Kim gathered soldiers in the name of the Le dynasty to fight against the Mac dynasty

Around Ngu Hanh Son, to the east there was the East Sea with fine white sand running. along the coast; In the west and south is the Co Co River flowing through the Cam Le branch. He must be a person who belongs to folk oral songs plus improvisation skills, so that the game content is always surprised. 460 people, accounting for 57.7% of the population

The 18th year of the Minh Mang (1837) has a crown, bestowing the northeastern mountain (Tam Thai mountain), Thuy Son. And many other missions. There are also other theaters such as Lotte Cinema Danang located on the 5th and 6th floors of the Lotte Mart shopping mall with four separate screening rooms; Galaxy Cinema is located in Co

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