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A "standard" noodle sale is indispensable for a piece of spring roll, a piece of homemade pork roll, a small piece of pork blood and the most important last ingredient is beef. Hoi An Tour to Danang Hue Photo: yesvietnam Hue cake looks quite similar to banh xeo. Steamed squid (sim squid) steamed or boiled with ginger, roasted crabs with tamarind is also fresh and delicious

You sleep overnight in the car (the stops in the itinerary: Ninh Binh (10:00)); Vinh (1:00 am); Dong Hoi (6:00 am); Dong Ha (7:00 am), Hue (9:00) Option 02: Travel by Train You can take the SE1 train (depart from Hanoi at 19:00 to Hue at 7:37 am), SE3 (depart from Hanoi at 23:00 to Hue at 1034), depart for Hue, overnight on board Day 01: Hue City - Huong River Cruise (Breakfast, lunch) 08h30: Arrive in Hue Hotel guests check in to rest, have breakfast This is the imperial capital, the administrative and political center of the Nguyen dynasty for 143 years and is the living place of the king and the royal family. lying right below this shrine

When eating, this tea gives us a very strange feeling, sweet, salty, greasy, hard to describe. Photo: Footsteps Not Fatty Talking about specialties Hue has countless dishes that cannot be mentioned, but if you have come here, you must try: 1. Later, the palace was transformed into a living place for a number of Empress Dowager and Queen Dowager Empress Dowagers

000 VND / 1 Pomelo Thanh Tra - Hue specialties Hue specialties made Gift 9. The Imperial Citadel and the entire inner palace system are arranged on a symmetrical axis, in which the middle axis is arranged with works just for the king. @Traveloka Tomb of Khai Dinh Hue A place to display the precious surviving artifacts

The theater has collected and restored 8 out of 11 ancient dances, 40 elegant songs and many excerpts from ancient opera In which, there are many meticulously orchestrated items such as Trong Thai Binh, Tam rotation rotation (great music), Phu Luc enemy, Kim Tien (Little music), Vu Den, Luc worship flower garland and excerpts of tuong Ky Lan Anh and On Dinh slashed Ta and Luc to worship flowers, the female general left the army, and Lan mother exported Lan Nhi. Objects to attend are martial arts officials, princes, princes .... 878787 Rent a boat to watch the Perfume River. Sitting on a boat, floating on the river, enjoying Hue singing and releasing flowers, visitors can gradually absorb the flavors and timbre of Hue

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