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Is Thermal Imaging for Home and Commercial Inspections Necessary?

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Home inspectors conduct an inspection on home and commercial properties to assess the structural integrity of the property. Most real estate agents recommend inspections so the buyer is aware of what they are getting into. Until recently, visual inspections were conducted on the foundation, roof, and siding of the home. Visual assessments were done for water leakage, mold and other potential problems. So if they were effective what's the need for Thermal Imaging Systems?

Thermal imaging systems were initially designed for war so soldiers could spot their enemy at night by the heat their bodies gave off. Today, thermal imaging for houses, apartments, commercial properties and more helps give a more thorough assessment of potential damage to a home. With these systems, a home inspector can evaluate

• Electrical systems and whether or not there is a fire hazard from faulty wiring.

• Animal/termite infestations. Infrared cameras detect body heat given out by rats, squirrels, termites and more and helps protect inspectors and homebuyers from unexpected encounters.

• Detects water damage and water pooling. Also detects plumbing leaks and leaks around windows or from the roof.

• Shows cold spots where insulation may be gapping, or windows and doors are not properly sealed.

• Helps detect mold growth. Mold can be hazardous to a person's health and should be treated before anyone lives in that space.

While nothing replaces a thorough inspection by a trained professional, thermal imaging cameras go beyond what the human eye can detect and potentially save home and commercial buyers thousands and tens of thousands of dollars in repair work.

Most people buying a new home assume there are no problems, but water leakage may simply not have been detected before. Infrared cameras are only effective when used by a trained and license professional. Ask any inspector using one of these devices where and how they were trained. This is your money and there's no sense spending it on a person who has the latest gadgets but doesn't know how to use them.

Whether the property is new or old, a thermal imaging camera can give a more thorough inspection than the human eye, detecting problems that might otherwise be overlooked. An investment in property is an emotional as well as financial decision. Be sure you are able to make an informed decision on your next investment. And as always, work with a home inspector you can trust. Check references, view websites and look at reviews posted on Yelp and Google reviews.

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