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hiện đại  theo Ruche shelving unit , Hiện đại Giấy
hiện đại  theo Ruche shelving unit , Hiện đại Giấy
hiện đại  theo Ruche shelving unit , Hiện đại Giấy

Ruche shelving unit is a simple, strong and smart storage and display system. This listing is for medium shelves made of gold hand painted and plated cardboard.

★ It has a geometric design that grants it incredible stability and strength. ★ Designed and tested for a TOOL FREE, 5 minutes, EASY assembly. It'll make you feel like a real handyman or woman! ★ eco-sustainable materials and manufacturing. we only use recycled and recyclable materials, low impact processes and flat packaging for easy and efficient transport, which is our way of reducing our carbon footprint. ★Clean with dry cloth and avoid direct contact with water.

Not only a beautiful geometric wall decor, Ruche is also functional. Store in your Medium size Ruche shelving unit: spices jars, toilet paper rolls, Stationary, little miniatures and toys and basically all the small stuff that you don't know where to put!

Dimensions: 27.5x4.3x26 inches (widthxdepthxheight) 70x11x66 cm (widthxdepthxheight)

Inspired by the bee hive shape, Ruche is made of flat sheets that when put together make hexagonal and triangular shaped cells. The structure, made from only regular shapes, is isostatic and therefore extremely strong and can withstand massive loads. Ruche is made from 12 flat numbered parts, and is easily assembled into a strong and solid three-dimensional shelving unit in less than 5 minutes.

Màu sắc: Metallic/Silver
Chất liệu: Giấy
Dài: 70 m
Rộng: 11 m
Cao: 66 m
Giá: ₫45
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