Prestige Architects By Marco Braghiroli

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ACQ-global awards 2016 – Finance Monthly global awards 2016 – Lawyer Monthly Awards 2017
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2 Magistrate House – market place
TW8 8FJ London, UK
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Communication is the most important aspect of job as an architect. Marco's ability to listen and understand the problem space and to solve those problems is brilliant.
hơn 7 năm cách đây
Thời gian dự kiến: Tháng 10 2015
It has been nearly three years since I have known Marco. It is a big pleasure, joy and luck to know him, work with him, deal with him as he is a fantastic, productive and a positive person. He is excellently educated and raised very well with great Italian spirit and taste. I highly recommend him as you will enjoy every minute of working and communicating with him
hơn 5 năm cách đây
I have been very pleased with the expertise, efficiency and attention to details. I am impressed with Marco's design, taste and listening skills, patience and adherence to budget. I have recommended Marco to many friends and business contacts. All of them were very grateful and their expectations totally satisfied. Marco's creativity, passion, builders' managements and relations ability makes him an invaluable partner into the London housing market 'adventure'.
hơn 5 năm cách đây