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The project was delayed for over 1.5 years and only 60% of it delivered. 3-4 project managers left and got replaced by new ones, who didn't know anything about the project. We ended up loosing more than £150k including a fireplace we paid in advance, rental costs and legal/solicitor/mediator fees. The trick they play with everyone is to liquidate the company so they cannot be sued and then create a new one. The only good thing I can say about Increation is that they are a joinery workshop and they're very good at it, that's it. To their loss, I've had 3 big projects each worth £300k since and I gladly didn't give it to them.
gần 5 năm cách đây
Good team. Pleasure to work with them.
gần 6 năm cách đây
The project was delivered 1.5 years beyond the agreed delivery date. We ended up paying over £100,000 extra when factoring in rental costs incurred as well (and we still do not have a garden or furniture which was in the original budget). Increation states on its website that the company was founded 15 years ago when it is in fact less than 2 years old and has gone bankrupt (this can be seen on Companies House for those interested). In terms of design, the designers do know things about how to make things look good and can source items. We also appreciate their trying to resolve problems and delivering something. However, they lack heavily in the logistics and technical areas causing them to make many errors which end up costing the Client (and I suspect themselves) a lot of money. Most likely the project they accepted was beyond their expertise and they should have limited their involvement to sourcing materials (tiling/wallpaper,bathrooms,worktops, lighting, which in fairness they did a reasonable job at) rather than try and get involved in more technical areas of design (heating, roofing, etc) Finally, they do not appear to be well organised in billing and took monies well in advance of things being delivered sending incorrect invoices leading Clients to believe that works had been delivered. On a final note, they did end up delivering something which is why they get a star. I don't think it is their intention to disappoint Clients but think the business model needs tweaking (i.e. focus on the creative design and sourcing materials, do not get involved in technical areas and drop their workshop which would reduce overheads). We wish them the best of luck
khoảng 6 năm cách đây
Increation took over a year to do a six week job. Poor workmanship overall and workman not showing up when promised.. It took three attempts to fit a sliding door into a newly built wall. In the end I just accepted a standard door just to get them out. Absolute rip off . I noticed my prior review was deleted and they only kept the good reviews. Shame on you Increation!
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