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In der Scheib 2
56291 Pfalzfeld
+49-1743408872 www.hansagarten24.de

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From the ordering process to the delivery, the competent support and above all the TOP quality of the delivered large wooden garage, NOTHING negative can be said - THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU and special thanks to Christopher Schneider, who was always available with 1A advice and action!!! Harry fur Thuringia
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I can heartily recommend Hansagarten!!! From the consultation to the installation everything was great! Mr. Schneider and the whole team are very competent and have found solutions even in difficult cases!!! The delivery with the forwarding agency worked very well and the assembly team was really unique!!! I can only say thank you to everyone!!! Now the garden has to be finished so that it fits the garden house 😜
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After a long search, we decided on the Barbados 6mx4m with 70mm planks and insulation package from Hansagarten24 as our new garden house. The digital advice from Mr. Schneider, who was always at our side during the later processing and was also very open and creative for our individual wishes, e.g. in the context of the delivery, helped a lot in the decision-making process. The wood was delivered very neatly packaged and after a short sorting and a look at the assembly instructions, we were able to start assembly. All the woods were intact and neatly cut/milled and fitted together perfectly. In addition to bats, a little more of all the materials were supplied, even a 6m plank, so that we could have rebuilt any type of wood if something had broken during assembly. In addition to the wall reinforcement from 44mm planks to 70mm planks, we ordered the insulation package (+ € 1,660), the Icopal roofing membranes (€ 710) and the zinc rain gutter (+ € 270). These extras were worth every euro. The roof becomes a really solid roof thanks to the insulation plus OSB panels, the roof membranes make a high-quality impression and could be glued very well and the rain gutter is very stable and the connections are high-quality and very well solved. Even with these extras, there was enough material left over in case the builder should make a mistake. The three of us built the house, which was also necessary with the heavy beams and planks. Not a beginner's house when building it, but due to the very accurately cut wood, everything was easy for us to handle. A great house that we are already very happy with. Thanks to the team at Hansagarten24 for the advice and support, especially to Mr. Schneider, who was really available to us at any time.
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